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Grow your PEOPLE, Grow your IMPACT

Manager performance directly impacts retention and profit.

How are you ensuring your managers and leaders are up to the task?

Your people are your most valuable (and often, most volatile) asset. How they show up at work has a massive impact on the success of your business.

Are you equipping them to lead themselves, their peers, and their teams effectively and efficiently?

Grow Nau coaching and leadership workshops help leaders at every level develop emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, and other vital leadership competencies.

Give your team the tools and support they need to thrive, then watch them flourish!

Leadership requires continuous growth. How are you investing in your leaders?

Full Day Workshops

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All workshops are interactive, experiential, and customized to the needs of your team.

Executives influence culture more than anyone. Whether we intend to or not.

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Emotional Intelligence Development

What example are your leaders setting?

Jamie Nau

Founder & Facilitator of Growth

I love business, people, and growth!

Solving problems and empowering people have always enchanted me. I accelerated through the ranks in the private sector early in my career because I was good a figuring it out and I leaned into my work ethic.

When my roles started requiring me to lead, though, it suddenly got harder to figure it out on my own.

Hundreds of books, podcasts, training, and conferences later, I was burnt out on trying to apply other people’s frameworks, lead their way, and learning leadership lessons the hard way… every time.

I finally hired a coach and everything changed.

My coach reflected me back to me so I could understand leadership in the context of who I was as a leader. He revealed my blind spots and supported me while I got out of my own way.

My work, relationships, and experience of life have improved exponentially since then.

Now I’m on a mission to hold up a mirror and hand out tools that help every leader increase their impact and build the life of their dreams!

Are you ready to grow? I’d love to join you on the journey!